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" I came to Emily for help as I previously tried all the medical and alternative ways to relieve my pain and nothing worked.  Emily is an incredible person, understanding, kind, very knowledgeable and fun!

She helped me to understand myself and my body and mainly to let go.  Let go of all the baggage one accumulates through life that undermines one's soul and body.  I feel new, lighter, pain-free and happy. I can recommend Emily from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you Emily ! "   (Hanka, Rheumatoid Arthritis)

"I first met Emily in her lovely shop where I purchased some things. I was telling her that during my Meditation l felt a blockage which I couldn't seem to move. I made an appointment to see her in her Holistic Therapy Clinic. It was the best thing I could have done, she was so welcoming, professional, it was a relaxing environment and she put me at my ease immediately. Emily really got to the bottom of the issues that were giving me this blockage and by the time l walked out of there the blockage was gone.
I would use Emily again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone else". Xxx  Belinda

"I've had recurring M.E/Fibromalgia for a couple of decades since a virus I got in my teens. The doctors haven't really been able to help but I've hugely improved through the years with improved diet, lifestyle and thinking. But it would still catch up with me, rendering me immobilized with much pain and exhaustion. I'd become useless which also caused me a lot of guilt and shame as I couldn't work or be there for my family properly. 

I knew there must be some deeper reason I had not conquered it and saw Emily (in desperation) to help me.  She got to the roots of it in the first session and after a couple of weeks I was pain-free and pretty much up and running again. But, the best thing is that a couple of months on, I also feel different, clearer, inwardly stronger and more resilient than I used to on a day-to-day level even though it's not been easy times, and feel I can do my life without the background fear of becoming ill again and not being good enough.  I love it! :) I can't recommend and thank Emily enough for freeing me. And her funny sense of humour!  Lol! Thank you Emily! I'm so happy! :)"

"I am quite staggered by the effect my session and repeated listening to Emily's recording has had on my life, my levels of confidence and my belief that I Am Enough.

It has also gone way beyond what I had hoped as an outcome and also touched on one of the most important events of my life. For the past 40 years, I have harboured a deep, ingrained fear of public speaking.......until now. Sadly, I lost my father recently after a long and slow degenerative illness, and when it came to choosing music and readings for his funeral service, I suggested one of his favourite poems, initially with the thought that someone else would read it. Then within moments I said that I would read it, and did indeed read "The Way Through the Woods" by Rudyard Kipling, with confidence and without stuttering! 

I truly believe that Emily has completely changed my outlook on life, to no longer live in fear, and not only that, my enjoyment of Life has increased beyond all measure. Thank you".  Adam

"My sessions with Emily were extremely amazing!  I love everything about them.  Emily is brilliant at what she does, she has such positive vibes!  I had three sessions.  Since the first session, I definitely made progress.  I'm getting happier by the day, my mentality has changed.  I feel like a better version of myself.  I want to be the best version of myself and with this therapy it's helped me towards my goals of achieving that....

I would 100% recommend Emily. The therapy is life-changing".  Robert

"As a musician and composer, Emily has helped me overcome my lack of confidence as both a performer and creator of music, helping me not only to believe in my work, but also in myself. My creative output has increased tenfold and I have produced more in the past couple of months than in the past ten years!" A. Bowden

"Emily truly is a gift to this world.  From the moment I sat in her presence I felt safe, cared for, looked after and heard.  Having struggled with PTSD and PMDD for most of my life, I had tried pretty much everything to help me overcome these two major obstacles, including input from a clinical psychologist.

One visit to Emily for RTT and I felt like I'd finally 'woken up' from the very heavy, foggy sleep-mode I'd been operating in for so long.  It was truly quite euphoric.

Emily was able to tap into and pull out an extremely heavy burden of baggage! My energy levels changed instantly, I felt like I could dance, sing and smile from within, not forced but naturally!! I wanted to live and I wanted to be, quite simply Me!!

It felt like I had come up from the water and could finally breathe.  I kept anticipating my old ways creeping back but they never came.  I can't explain the feeling, only that I encourage and urge more people to try it.  

I strongly feel that this is the way forward for mental health and major chronic health conditions.  Try it and become reborn - I urge you!"  H.Rose

"Emily Grace came highly recommended to me, I had been suffering from severe anxiety.

After just two sessions Emily had helped break the cycle and provided the tools and answers needed to move forward, she had gone above and beyond my expectations, she was simply brilliant."    Jamie

"Every session I've done has helped me in ways I never thought would be possible for me......I will be recommending to everyone about your therapy.  When the new year starts you'll probably have a lot of people coming to you!.....Thank you so much for helping me" R. Smith

"I never thought I'd be one for therapy, but I have had such issues with my ribs, and after a recommendation from a friend, I contact Emily for help.  All I can say is it has been life changing for me.  The information I learned about myself, is that missing piece of the jigsaw.  I feel so complete now, and I totally understand every action I have ever taken, and why.  That is priceless.  I would 100% recommend this process to anyone.  Just keep an open mind, and go with the flow, to get the best out of this.  All I can say is thankyou Emily.  You've changed my life for the better" xxx  Hayley

"I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) 3 years ago and over this period I have been prescribed various drugs to help with my pain relief.  All the medication I have been given has had horrible side effects. I have also tried acupuncture with some success. However, when my wife told me about Emily Grace's transformational therapy I thought I would give it a go, having excruciating pain daily I would have tried anything to be honest.  From my first appointment with Emily I could tell that she had a genuine interest in helping me.  Her sessions have helped me value myself, boosting my confidence.  Emily's recordings have been invaluable, as it has taken a couple of months to reduce my pain substantially.  I would highly recommend Emily Grace as a therapist."  Ian

"I am extremely honoured to write this testimonial for Emily Grace.  She is an incredibly talented coach and therapist.  Emily has outstanding credentials having been trained by Marisa Peer, Britain’s number one therapist and founder of the internationally acclaimed transformative hypnotherapy programme called RTT.  Emily is an extremely warm, intuitive, generous, and heart-centred therapist.  She helped me uncover some of my limiting beliefs and made me a wonderful, personalised hypnosis recording to overcome them.  Emily spent a lot of time with me.  She was genuinely invested in helping me and her passion for her work is palpable.  She is a wonderful healer as well as coach.  She has a remarkable background of having healed herself of various chronic medical conditions.  I highly recommend Emily for her invaluable services. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed."

Dr Arathi Rao, Cardiac Psychologist, Transformational NeuroCoach, Speak & Author

"I’ve been having therapy and coaching with Emily for some months now and I think she is absolutely amazing!  I believe I’d never be where I am now if it wasn’t for her.

The RTT and EFT therapy helped me change my outlook on the world and it’s helped me change my self-image and personality. I’m always positive and I look forward to each day as it comes.

For anyone looking for a therapist, Emily is the one for you.  Unlike counsellors Emily will make sure you’ve said all you need to in a session.

With the help of Emily I broke many patterns. I feel confident every day, I sleep better, the anxiety is gone, I’m not depressed any more.  I’m happy and love myself!" Rob

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