One Song; Uni-verse. We are one

Our inner being – our soul, the true essence of us – always feels good. It can’t not feel good as it’s not caught up in all the polarity of emotions of this dimension, it’s free flowing pure energy with the purpose of growth and expansion. Our heart is the first organ it creates in this dimension through which it communicates and expresses. You could say that in physical terms it is our hearts, a feeling connection to all things that distributes the lifeblood. Everything else forms around it in the womb as it draws upon the nutrients; the electrical communication wiring of the brain and nervous system and so on in order to give us all the physical and mental tools that we could ever need to fulfil our hearts – our soul’s - desires, to live and experience life to the full. We come from no-where to now-here.

Our soul’s desire and heart’s desires are one and the same. We are essentially Beings made of pure Love. That’s why the human emotion we experience of Love, coupled with our conscious awareness of it, is the best feeling ever. It’s the human emotion that emits a high enough vibrational frequency that aligns with the pure creative life-force energy that makes us and all things, and the space in-between. Hence, when we feel in love, we feel alive! With open hearts, the soul can express itself through this vehicle we call our body in the greatest, most flowing, creative, expansive way. We feel free, joyful, generous, excited, clear, limitless, connected and whole. Indeed, we are whole when we experience soul, body and mind working in complete alignment. From this whole-feeling state, we are connected to the whole of Life Energy, the quantum field of endless possibilities are within our awareness, and our magnetic force is extended opening the way for magical synchronicities, radical remissions from health problems, mystical interdimensional experiences and what we think of as miracles can occur wherever we put our attention.

Love loves through us, creativity expresses through us, vibrant health flows through us, our infinite souls expand through us. We are in the flow, in a state of allowing, circulating fully with that which is Life, pure uninterrupted Energy.

This is why, to feel whole and fulfilled, we must listen to our hearts – the soul’s whispers - and direct our thoughts and actions accordingly. It is imperative that the artist creates art, the writer must write, the teacher must teach, the athlete must run, the chef must cook and the builder must build. Our intricately created body is simply co-created with the energy of all triggered by the gathering force of our soul’s intention of life’s longing for itself, to grow, create and expand within gorgeous physical experience to do everything it desires. It is the integrity, the truth of us. To allow it is to feel the deepest joy.

In pursuing whatever we feel drawn towards that we like and love, that inspires and engages our interest - always backed up with some magical natural inborn talent to develop – we find the ways in which we can hear and answer our soul’s calling; we discover the meaning of our lives, our purpose, and the unique contribution we can make to the positive evolution of humanity and all life. Our hearts desires are never directed by anything other than that which expands in love, joy and fulfilment.

We see time and again with kids in the ADHD / Asperger spectrum absolute genius and connective abilities to draw, or deeply communicate with animals, make music, excel in sports or new science, and with ability to think up and invent those things as yet unheard of. According to Michael Fitzgerald, professor of psychiatry at Trinity College in Dublin, a long list of ‘geniuses’ ― including Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, George Orwell, H. G. Wells Ludwig Wittgenstein, Beethoven, Mozart, Hans Christian Andersen and Immanuel Kant ― all had Asperger syndrome. Is it really truly a surprise? How can we evolve toward our highest potential if we, as a society, are trying to force old thinking and ways of being onto our kids so they perpetuate an old world that no longer exists?

Far outside any limiting conditioning and apparent rules of human society about whether or not we can succeed or make a living doing something, when we pursue the dream that we are inspired by with faith and open joyful hearts, we are divinely supported and provided for. We draw everything and more that provide for our basic needs, serendipitous events aplenty that pave the way for our successful achievement as we need them. As we align with our soul’s desires, we love, and emit the highest frequency, offering the most generous vibration we can from our magnetic field in this dimension. As we joyfully serve, the all receptive Universe of pure energy says ‘Yes’ as it always does and so generously responds with all that joyfully serves us.

If we were encouraged to explore and develop our talents, follow our interests and pursue that which we most love from day one – all soul guided - we would live continually rich; rich in love, rich in joy, rich in health, rich in inner peace, rich in connection, rich in fulfilment, rich in giving, rich in receiving, rich in monies and so many forms of rewards that further enrich this human life. It’s never too late to start. And it’s never too early to acknowledge this for your child, to observe and sense their natures and loves, to guide them through this physical journey to safely expand.

As a creation of the pure life-energy through the soul, the body is the ultimate miracle; with an intricately put together 37 trillion cells all communicating, co-operating and working harmoniously together in response to the inputs and resulting 17 trillion or so signals our brains send to them every minute, the body has all the intelligence to know how to function optimally and heal itself when necessary. It’s always working to make good, whatever we chuck at it, operating hundreds of thousands of functions every second to adapt to the environment and do all it can to survive and thrive. Like the newborn baby, it doesn’t have to think about it, it knows, by its very composition – pure life energy, the force of all nature.

We see this beautiful force of nature all around us; the trees, the grass, the flowers, the landscapes, the seas, the sky, the birds and the animals. Everything operates through perfect instinct, except the human race who is gifted with free will and choice and extraordinary limitless, creative abilities to think, feel, behave and act to create our own environment. However many houses and vehicles we build, whatever pollution we fill the skies with, however many species we kill and trees we fell, whatever we spray and dump in the ground, nature keeps going, adapting, just trying to make good, never judging, just adapting to survive. It is Life, unconditional and a force that would be well worth complementing for our own survival and highest good.

By the very definition of Life, there is no death, just continual evolution, an ocean of motion, formation, deformation and reformation. If we continue to damage the earth with our ways, it finds its ways to adapt and evolve, to exude and release the pressure through storms, fires, cracks and volcanos, deforming and reforming and transforming. It only knows regeneration. Likewise, if we continue to damage our ever-regenerating, reforming body, it finds ways to adapt and adjust, always looking to survive. We are in body as much nature as the earth and the air; remarkably resilient, continually adapting, adjusting, finding new ways to survive, releasing the pressure through storms of colds, sickness, cancer, arthritis, fevers, deforming and reforming. But, as the species with the power of thought and choice, we must also use these powers to transform if we – and the planet – are to thrive. As expressions of the one universal energy, when we damage the health of the planet, we damage our health, our bodies, and our species along with all others. It is all reflective.

The only thing that gets in the way of the health of our planet and heavenly existence is how we humans treat it. Likewise, the only thing that gets in the way of our own health and our perfect existence, is ourselves; not our true selves, for we are as pure as all life, but the selves we come to believe we are, to do the things we believe we can, should or must do in this physical dimension.

We humans are not wrong in Being, and there is no part of Universal Energy that judges our behaviours as right or wrong, good or bad – each one of us is the universe’s ultimate genius in action. No other creature has the capacity to innovate, invent, design, create, build, to draw upon the infinite intelligence to conjure an idea and bring it into form. There is no punishment and reward system other than within ourselves; we have to wake up with ourselves every day. No other creature than us has as much genius within to activate true care for the planet either, to nurture it and make it beautiful and peaceful and loving right across the world. Whatever we plant in it, it gives us in return. As an integral part of the planet, if we each cared for ourselves, and nurtured ourselves to become beauty and peace and love, it is those seeds we sow. And we are so powerful with our connective thoughts that whatever we wish for others, we are wishing – and ultimately creating - for ourselves. We can never resolve that which we judge and don’t like by condemnation. So, let us wish well.

Our senses – especially through sight - give us the illusion of separation. Our bodies and the boundaries we put around our homes give us the illusion of separation. Our jobs, businesses, imaginary status, families, relationships, borders, traditions, skin colours, beliefs, religions, genders, ages, bank accounts, the very ground we walk upon, everything that is outside our bodies, we perceive as separate from us.

Yet, all exists exactly as it does because we have influenced their form in some way just as they all influence ours, just by observing them, let alone any action we take. Each of us completely belongs as part of the One. It is neither possible to disconnect or not belong except in perception. When we perceive that we don’t belong and feel isolated, we are miserable and life is limited. We are connected to and belonging within all of the universe, and all of the universe is connected and belonging to us. The clue is in the name – Universe. One song.

Imagine the sheer beauty of this world if we all realized we are part of the one song, we are all an instrument of the same orchestra, and we all learnt to sing and play in tune with all of nature, harmonizing with each other across the globe. Is it any wonder we love music and song? Our babies will start singing and dancing from the moment they can. We are the one species who has the capacity to receive the inspiration, write the songs, build the instruments and create the most beautiful music and harmonies that could unify the greatest of all orchestras across the globe, earth to man, everything in between and everything beyond.

So why, as the geniuses that we are, steeped in infinite potential, who all have the same basic needs to thrive, are we so confused, out of sync, playing so many different tunes, often out of tune, when we come from universal unity? Would we run out of music if we kept only expanding and expanding?

We arrive in this dimension such pure souls, eager for life, instinctively feeding, crying and sleeping to survive, trusting and knowing without need or ability to think and analyze whether we Belong. We don’t even have any idea we have separate bodies in our earliest days. We only represent our soul’s knowing with our incredible brains in a low enough wave – hypnotized as such - to absorb every single little thing we’re exposed to within our environment to learn as quickly as possible how to survive independently; to create, enjoy, love and experience in every beautiful way that our hearts call to us and desire while we’re here. So blessed are we to have the choice to create our form into this 3-dimensional world so that we can see, smell, hear, taste and touch our experience of ourselves. And so incredible – an understatement – to be gifted with a mind that can shape and create anything with our thoughts, and a set of emotions to guide us as to whether we are in alignment with our hearts and towards all that we want by feeling good, or moving away from our highest good, towards what we don’t want by feeling bad.

As little ones, with no filters and no mental and physical ability yet to direct our experiences, we are open beings of unconditional love and complete trust, eager to absorb everything around us to live, learn, and have all the tools to express and grow from our souls outwards. We absorb every sound, every look toward us, every word – including any media playing – and all language, vocal and silent; the attitudes, the beliefs, and the behaviours towards and around us and all the vibes in the atmosphere, and soon start coming up against the brick walls; the ‘no’s’, the ‘can’t’s’, the ‘don’t’s’.

Then we’re subjected to the unexpected – to those things not aligned with all that is love, we’re given labels that become imprinted into our growing characters each time we express ourselves; good, bad, shy, stubborn, naughty, a nuisance, talented, stupid, clever, intelligent, artistic, boisterous, mad, loud, quiet, autistic, genius, difficult, attention-seeking, capable and so on. We’re told what to do, what to say, what to wear, what to think, what to believe, what to feel, what to be and who we are, and we’re even told what to learn, but rarely how to learn and why.

We’re treated well, treated badly, given kindness, given abuse, given food, left hungry, given attention, rejected, loved and not loved. We’re often called names that aren’t true, get inconsistent reactions, are imposed with expectations that we can’t live up to, given orders without explanations, expected to understand what we’ve not yet learned, and told what’s right and wrong and good and bad, rather than what works and what doesn’t for the best experience. So we find ourselves in invisible boxes of various shapes and sizes, that don’t reflect our soul’s only desire to grow and express and expand.

Lacking in skills and experience on the planet, we find that every word, teaching, belief and behaviour that we’re subjected to, we must accept and not argue with or things will get worse. Including our helplessness. Just to top it, as little ones we are feeling and instinctive beings like all of nature; that operate from our souls through our hearts, experiencing emotional impacts at every turn from which we make our own new meanings (regardless of what was meant). We create beliefs about ourselves and life before we have the experience to analyze, reason and accurately assess a situation, and before we have the ability to reject an idea as not good for us. And so, by the time our brains and conscious mental faculties are developed, our brains are wired in certain patterns, our beliefs are imprinted into our very cells, our perceptions about ourselves and the world around us embedded below our consciousness through which we think our thoughts and take or avoid actions.

Should we remain in a state of pure and unconditional love, untampered and unmanipulated by others already steeped with unhealthy or limiting beliefs of their own, we would live in such ever-expanding high awareness and ability that we could evolve ourselves, our environment and the entire planet in only the most outstandingly, currently unimaginable, beautiful ways. But our evolution seems to often require adversity. It’s not necessary, but it is human nature to only grow and look at thinking and doing things differently when our back is against the wall.

Rarely are any of us surrounded by those who will remind us that we are pure souls here to grow and expand and teach us about our mind and emotions; how most effectively to think and how to understand our feelings, manage and release them constructively. Never are we taught to form beliefs only that serve our health, our happiness, our worthiness and infiniteness greatness and recognize the same in others. If we were, we would be continually freeing ourselves of anything other than that which is love, unattached from any meanings we may have thought to give to the events that caused distress, to ensure we don’t back ourselves into the future with anything unwanted.

It is never the events themselves that hurt us, but the meanings we put to all the events - especially those that are lacking in love - that ultimately shape our beliefs about ourselves - our inner self-image – and our glass ceilings. It’s not possible to outperform our self-image. This hidden image of ourselves will govern all our successes and failures, all our choices and decisions - or lack of them - all our perceptions, our memories and the way we direct our imagination, our actions and reactions. It will impact the quality of our health and our relationships, and all the people and circumstances we ever create, attract and experience in life.

The confusion lies right there. We form our beliefs from other people’s beliefs - and then our beliefs form us. We learn the steps that we’ve been shown until we make the steps our own. Our beliefs are inherited, indoctrinated, and built from our experiences. And we hold on to them even when there is not a cell left in our bodies from the day we made them. Change our beliefs, we create and attract an entirely different existence. Change our self-image – the most powerful belief – and the entire image of our world changes and the world changes how it sees us. Change our conditioned personality, we transform the conditions of our personal reality.

How do we transform? By unlearning what we have learnt and remembering all that we knew before we could think; to remember within this dimension what we already are. As we re-member ourselves as soul, mind and body together, we join as an interdimensional member of Life. With self-awareness comes awareness of all. With self-empowerment, comes empowerment of all. With self-empowerment, we reconnect with our calling and we must pursue it for joyful expansion. And so then the heart rejoices, and our souls sing and, with our highest offering, the world rejoices and the universe sings as another genius creation of life plants it’s contribution of harmonic, loving frequency to joyfully expand the One Song.

Thank you for reading. These are thoughts I wrote long before I heard of RTT. However RTT - wherever you go - is extraordinarily powerful for unlearning those false beliefs. It's never so much what happens to us, but the meaning we put to them. When we change the meanings and dissolve the power that our pasts have over us, we are Free to sing in tune with ourselves and harmonise with the good in the world which will change our lives. As Wayne Dyer said, "Don't die with the music still in you". With love, Emily

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