About Me

Hello and welcome!  Based in the beautiful Meon Valley in Hampshire, UK, I'm a mum to three young adults and great friends, and have lived in the delightful small town of Bishops Waltham for over 25 years.  I love being in nature and feel so lucky to have so much countryside to enjoy nearby in which to walk and appreciate, think and Be.

I'm an avid student of leading-edge human sciences, especially neuroscience, quantum physics and epigenetics and the mind/body connection, along with the nature of life-energy, and ancient spiritual wisdom. In the early '90s, I studied nutrition and naturopathy, and also qualified in hypnotherapy and stress management (mainly for my own benefit at the time), during which time my natural mediumship and psychic awareness re-awakened. 


My renewed awareness unfolded to frequently connect people with their guides and channel guidance and spiritual teachings from which I would also learn.  I honed my intuition to read people's auric energy for their healing; to bring to light the deep-rooted causes and beliefs behind their health issues, negative life patterns and unwanted circumstances - and to channel healing and guidance for their future wellbeing.  I've since continued to research and qualify in many modalities based on Neuroscience that provide transformative solutions, using the best practices of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, CBT, NLP and energy healing modalities.   



Through all my experience and continued studies, I see that the one common denominator that lies at the root of nearly every health, habitual, relationship and circumstantial issue - regardless of our background, history and status - is a lack of self-worth, a sense of not believing in ourselves - feeling that we are not enough, while we are trying to fit into a society that often doesn't really serve our souls and true happiness.


Having struggled with this so much myself as a child, teen and adult, I've also used all the spiritual lessons and therapy techniques that I share, upon myself, to successfully recover from physical disability, cancer, and auto-immune disease.  Nothing brings me more joy and fulfilment than facilitating transformation for others to gain health, clarity and greater inner peace, and the freedom that comes with connecting with their true selves and serving their soul's purpose which took me so long to do myself - and I'm forever a work in progress! 

In this age of information and advanced technology, the leading-edge sciences of neurosience, epigenetics and quantum physics are marrying with ancient spiritual knowledge to understand we are all working with the same thing - Energy.  Whatever you call this Energy that we're all made of (God, Spirit, Life-force, Universal Intelligence, The Divine etc.), we all have opportunity to learn about and connect with our true selves. With self-awareness we gain self-empowerment, we can heal without drugs and create a happy, harmonious and meaningful, abundant life.  Indeed I believe that 'energy work', through understanding our minds and emotional electro-magnetic fields & frequencies, and how to adjust them to work positively with the natural universal laws, will eventually become mainstream.  

A little extra message from the heart to some of the VIP's in the world


Parents, Carers and Teachers of Children;

What greater gift can you offer yourself, your children, and the entire world than your inner peace, your health and enthusiasm for life by releasing your own childhood issues and current struggles, limited beliefs, any lack of self-worth and confidence, illnesses and unhealthy patterns that occur.  You know you want the very best for your kids.  And when you allow the best of and for yourself, you’ll bring out the best in your children, all your relationships and your entire life.  You are Important, your life really counts. The world's future relies upon our children.  And our children rely upon us!

Healers, Intuitives, Empaths, Therapists & Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

You know you have your calling! You are enough and it’s important that you know it because the world needs you now more than ever! 

The inner and outer challenges of Light and Energy Workers are, indeed, challenging!  Often we can empathically pick up too much outer energy, struggle with our own health issues, feel unsupported and considered 'weird' by those closest to us, and be prone to self-sabotage, often being a great giver but a hopeless receiver. To add to that we often get 'imposter syndrome', caught in the catch-22 of believing we need to be 'perfect' and have life all sorted out before we are worthy to serve, whilst never getting life sorted until we serve. You can set yourself free, drop the remaining bags, and gain the resilience to go for it! Supported and safe, with foundational confidence and certainty, you can let your light shine. 

Artists, Writers, Musicians, Actors, Performers, and Inventors. 

Get more connected, release confidence blocks, self-sabotage and all those limiting beliefs about yourself and the ability to make a living doing what you're born to do that keep you in struggle.  Feeling not enough conflicts with your highest inspiration, creativity and expression; your true calling.  Gently and safely, you can release the inner anguish and frustration, hear and allow your true inner voice and free your soul-born talents to shine through.  The world absolutely requires your art, your inspired creations, inventions, insight and unique innate gifts.  You need that freedom to express. 


Don’t die with the music still in you”  Wayne Dyer

As someone myself who falls into all these categories, I very much relate to the inner and outer struggles that challenge us, and how we can become free!  Thank you for checking me out.  I wish you every happiness, freedom and fulfilment on your life's journey and look forward to having the opportunity to connect with you.


With love, and very best wishes for you and yours,

Emily xx

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