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Emily Grace; Spiritual Counsellor, Coach &

Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

You Can Be FREE!


Free from unwanted patterns of thoughts, behaviours & circumstances. 


Free from that ‘stuff’ of the past that is spoiling your inner peace and wellbeing; that’s squashed you, sabotaged and dimmed your light.   


Free to become un-stuck, easily let go of what doesn't work for you and make positive progress.


Free to follow your heart's desires, to move into a fresh, fulfilling future. And experience greater love, creativity, inner peace, health and happiness.

 RTT Can Help You;

 - Reach your ideal weight

 - Overcome depression

 - Conquer anxiety, fears & phobias

 - Gain confidence and self-esteem 

 - Release addictions

 - Enhance love and relationships

 - Improve health & skin conditions

 - Sleep and relax more easily

 - Find your purpose & inner peace

 - Achieve career and income goals

 - Be a confident public speaker

 - And much, much more ..

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy? 

Rapid Transformational Therapy - RTT - is based on Neuroscience, developed by world-renowned therapist, Marisa Peer. A hybrid therapy, RTT offers unparalleled results combining the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Unlike talking therapy that can often take months or years, RTT most commonly delivers in a single session, and normally a maximum of three.  Each session is around 2 hours long and ongoing support is available for 21 days as you listen to your very own personal hypnosis recording daily and make your transition into your new life.

"As a musician and composer, Emily has helped me overcome my lack of confidence as both a performer and creator of music, and not only that, my enjoyment of Life has increased beyond all measure. Thank you". AB Hampshire.  


We're all born perfectly confident, knowing we are loveable, and then things happen to us - and we exchange our knowing for beliefs!

"First we make our beliefs and then our beliefs make us" Marisa Peer

Pretty much all of us struggle with not feeling good enough in some or many ways and come to believe that certain things simply aren't available to us.  And it's not surprising! We can go through a heck of a lot that shatters our self-belief, leaves us feeling stuck and unsupported, and dealing with a lot of limitations; fears, unwanted habits, money problems, health and relationship issues, and many other challenges.  We really can change that!  Your life is important, and we can make it work better in every way, lovingly, safely and permanently. 


For 25 years, I've provided spiritual guidance and healing services to help empower others and their lives - while continually growing and working on my own life of course!  I am very proud to have now trained with Marisa Peer in this phenomenal multi-award winning therapy and combine my knowledge and experience with RTT to help my clients gain fantastic, life-changing results.  It really works!  Here's a summary of what to expect...


The RTT Process

The Gateway

  • Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation 20 minute call to discuss your issue and ask any questions you may have. I appreciate RTT isn't for everyone, but if it feels good, we'll book your first session (and perhaps the only you'll need).  We will have a good idea of how many you may need from our chat.

  • Prior to the session, I will send you a Client Intake Form for you to complete along with a copy of Terms and Conditions for you to review, sign and return by email with your payment.

  • I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.  This therapy is so empowering with often miraculous results, which is why I love this work!

The Journey

  • Currently, most sessions are done on via Skype or Zoom, with a few in person in Bishops Waltham. 

  • At the beginning of your session, we'll have a half hour chat to establish exactly what your desired outcome would be.  I really want for you to leave the session feeling freed and empowered and will tailor your therapy with that in mind.  

  • The therapy then takes about 90 minutes and includes hypnosis, regression and the healing process, leading to the lovely transformative part to leave you feeling whole. You will always be aware and in control, safe and supported. 

  • Immediately afterwards, I'll create a personalised recording for you. :)

Your New Life

  • After your session, I will send your personal recording to your phone for you to listen to daily for at least 21 days. It will be around 20 minutes long.  You'll love it! 

  • The recording is designed around your specific needs and goals.  The therapy session turns things around but it's by repeatedly listening to the positive recording that you will fully rewire your thinking and break old, unwanted beliefs and behaviours forever. It's crucial to listen to every single day but it's very relaxing, so a nice crucial job to have!

  • I will check in with you regularly however we arrange is appropriate, to support you throughout the process. :)

Disclaimer; We are all different and results are not guaranteed.  What I can, however, guarantee is that your mind has all the answers and that I am dedicated to leading you to find them, resolve any unwanted conditioning and give you the results you are seeking.  You deserve it, your life is important! While RTT has gained outstanding results with many thousands of people, I'm sure you understand that a cure cannot be promised. But generally, the odds are good, especially if you listen to the recording every day for three weeks after our session.  It would be an honour to work with you, Emily 


To book a free consultation or ask any questions, please complete the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

My assurance to you; every step of the way, your privacy will be respected, your details never passed on,

and all communication, correspondence and details of therapy sessions shall remain completely confidential.

Grace Transformation Therapy

Grace Transformation Therapy

Phone: 07985 564625



You Can Heal Your Life

Naturally, Safely, Quickly and Permanently

With Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT

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